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                                  DTF KOMANCHE WARRIOR


                                                                       Not For Sale

DSC 1765

                      Sire: North Stars Valdez Y Basan                Dam: Circle J Hello Dolly

 - 2011 Canadian National Reserve Grand Champion Jr. Gelding 

‘Komanche’ and his buddy Tyson have shown for 4 years. Komanche takes everything Tyson can throw at him in stride, even those silly hats he has to wear for the costume classes. 2014 seen Tyson and Komanche start thier driving carrers together. Watch for them in the show ring in years to come!                         


                           DOUBLE TREE EYE OF THE STORM

                                           AMHA/AMHR Pending


                 Sire: Aloha Acres Cajun Boy             Dam: Enchanted Acres Elizabeth Taylor  




                                           DOUBLE TREE EDDY THE EAGLE

                                                      AMHA Pending

               Sire: Aloha Acres Cajun Boy           Dam: Enchanted Acres Neri Maid 

‘Rodeo’ is another one of them horses who just loves people right from the get go. 

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                        DOUBLE TREE CAUSE FOR REBELLION


DSC 8012

                Sire: Little Kings Buckeroo Rebelation               Dam: Circle J Jewell

‘For’ is a 33 inch buckskin gelding. He has a strong attitude that will make an excellent driving horse. 

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                                       Enchanted Acres Best Be Struttin

DSC 7598 2

     Sire: Star Valley’s Red Rockets Glare        Dam: First Knights Enchantress

Strut is a a 7yr old 33 inch sorrel gelding. He loves to drive and will be started in a single cart this year. © Charlene Bier 2010-2020